Battlespace Flight Services, LLC is also an AS9110:2019 Registered Company. AS9110 is an internationally recognized model for a Quality Management System (QMS). The aerospace industry realized that the needs of the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) segment were different than those of the OEM segment. Products are designed to perform for 50 years and beyond, so proper maintenance is crucial for safe operation. To address this need, the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) developed AS9110B , Quality Management Systems - Aerospace - Requirements for Maintenance Organizations. This standard is focused on the control of repair schemes and maintenance plans, configuration management, and the skills and qualifications necessary to perform MRO tasks within the aerospace community. Battlespace Flight Services, LLC has been an AS9110 registered company since June 2019. Our third-party registrar is National Quality Assurance (NQA). Battlespace Flight Services, LLC maintains a certified Quality Management System (QMS) that is subject to annual audits by NQA to ensure continued compliance in addition to continuous internal audits. The registered divisions and work sites of Battlespace Flight Services, LLC are listed on the current copy of our AS9110 certification.